Many voices can open up many choices

Catherine Palmer Paton
3 min readOct 17, 2020

I have been doing advocacy for all parents and adults to voluntarily learn about ways to care for children and even themselves. Our society is designed to allow people great freedom and then to arrest them when they “break the law.” There are many domestic abuse laws as well as ways to nurture self and others, care for children and elderly on with free print-outs of “power wheels.”

Taking 10 minutes to look up these key sites could save people 10 years and more of hassle, that’s a better deal than most get on whatever car insurance they may switch to. Ideally, everyone has not only car insurance but can find ways to learn about the new healthcare options through Obamacare.

The concept of “universal care” is one everybuddy can voluntarily explore in schools, at work places, in towns and even in one’s family and other groups such as at which promotes public speaking and team-building to run effective, timed meetings with an agenda.

That concept could be borrowed with people sitting in a circle and agreeing to let each person share for 5 minutes about what they are doing in their life or on a certain project.

The terms “nonviolent communication and mediation” could be other exciting homework assignments for 10 minutes online. The more people take time to enhance their own PLANS (People Living and Learning with Agreements and Networking through Schools and Society) the more likely success will meet them more readily.

Find many valuable titles at including (which I have a copy of and can speak to folks about online or within the tri-corner area of CT-MA/NY and Representing the DV Survivor which is a critical book for the 25% of women trying to leave a relationship legally, particularly with children, to secure primary or sole custody since that is in their best interests to be ‘safe and together’ with their protective mother.

When parents are truly both emotionally, physically and sexually safe and appropriate, then shared parenting is generally a reasonable plan.

Still, most women do not think to get help screening for abuse of themselves or their children since FEW OR NO professionals in the medical, therapy, or educational or even legal fields deem that important whether beginning or continuing in a relationship, either dating, mating or having children, separating or divorcing etc. Well after divorce or separation, children should be monitored for safety, since indicates however an abusive man mistreated his wife will likely spill over to how he acts toward his children.

All adults need to be more vigilant in monitoring for abusive behaviors towards women, children, the elderly or handicapped, and yes men too. It is a community coordinated response that children, teens, adults and leaders can all PRIORTIZE and find effective ways to respond to 24–7 a day, 365 days per year. How would you rate YOUR TOWN and STATE on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being ‘criminally neglectful of these issues, and 5 being decent and effective to some extent and 10 being very clear and capable at keeping kids and moms as well as women and others SAFE day and just as importantly at Night.

All the best to everybuddy as a new school year whether at home, at work in classrooms or on sports fields begins. Feel free to share ideas and learn more at Many voices can open up many choices as our future collectively unfolds. Let US-All find ways to validate each other in pursuing lives that respect life, nature, our resources and world and the greater good.

Catherine Palmer Paton



Catherine Palmer Paton

Catherine Palmer Paton of CT is the mom of a heroic teen son Kaelan who passed saving his friends from dangerous water in 2009. Writing on also.