National Safe Child Day is Oct 1st! (I did not make this up!)

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When a good idea’s time has come, a great day is born! This is the case for the National Safe Child Day beginning in 2013 on October 1st! Bring on the pumpkins and bumpkins…all kids will be recognized at least in theory, and hopefully their safety Checked. Once a concept is shared, more efforts to implement it can be created (or even mandated).

Everyone loves kids, unless they are really in charge of caring for a child who may have special needs, or even regular needs such as eating, sleeping (it’s the getting them to sleep that can cause the problems, but not having a sitter if one want to go O-U-T is a drag for many too), then there’s the waking up, changing diapers or getting to the potty on time, and finding nice ways to spend a morning, afternoon, evening, weekday or weekend.

That about covers it, but we all know that’s the tip of the iceberg. It’s the every day, 24–7–365 time that starts to add up to wear main caregivers d-OW-n. That’s not Oprah’s penultimate OWN, that’s one person doing a lot if not ALL the caregiving. Likely, that’s not as common now that there are many legal ways people can have access to daycare for infants on up, but 20 years ago, that was unheard of. Still, how does one Afford and Arrive at Daycare, perhaps if there are monetary or transportation constaints? Well, now the picture is rounding out, and having more than one doubles costs, so who is really prepared for That?

Many poor Moms, single or not, are not able to take their babies home if they don’t have secure living arrangements and ways to care for their little one. Foster Care is a whole new industry. What happened to neighbor helping (and planning to do so in big ways) neighbor whether in small towns or cities. We have corporate welfare which is out of our hands and does not deliver us direct rewards. What kind of opportunities are we missing out on by severing ties between a birth mother and her child/ren?

For millenia, it was not only one mother but a tribe that cared for a child. Ideally, more coudl be shared with moms early on to help them understand the modern day costs and options to provide for themselves and their children. Same goes for fathers who are expercted by law to pay regularly for their children’s support (or mom’s if they ‘lose custody’ of their child.) Why not get more ‘parental screenings and educational sessions going so resources and information would be readily availabe.

I vote for FREE DAYCARE AND SITTERS for all! Likely, we could find goog matches, such on but maybe even daycares could be open 24–7 to let folks who work at night have good options for steady care. With volunteers or a second or third line of staff, all kids could be supervised.

Then basic sense like NO HITTING, Shaking or Yelling at kids, especially not babies and tots! Too many kids are hurt or killed when a parent ‘loses their temper’. You may lose your keys, but don’t lose your kids to your temper! WALK AWAY! Don’t Touch or Hit them at all ever…Take a Time O-U-T.. You can give them one later or tell them to go to their room…Don’t Talk because you’ll likely Yell if you are upset and then Justify whatever you say or do by blaming or shaming you’re child.

You will tell them they made you do it, and that they Deserve it. You may use put-downs or call them name all in the guise of ‘discipline’ and being strong, when really that is uncouth, unprofessional, unbecoming and oh yes, UNSAFE and basically ILLEGAL! So, again, Chill OUT and Walk Away , call a friend, ask for help, turn on the TV or radio, let your child calm down, and have a snack after a bit..Much later, with someone else with you, let them tell your child what they did ‘wrong’ or why you got upset. If you say too much too soon you may reactivate your own anger…and then you’re kids will really get it (and you will lose way too much overall).

Make parenting and even other relationships a win-win experience by keeping your cool. Take regular breaks to relax, lie down or take a walk, have a drink of water or a snack (watch your blood sugars, don’t run out of gas whether food or fuel for your car or time to do things you Need to do before doing what you want in terms of fun and outings. Try to find balance for work and play, socializing and self-care daily, weekly, monthly and yearly (doesn’t That even sound more workable than that round the clock string of numbers?)

We’re rooting for you (all parents, and other caregivers). You’re not the first and won’t be the last…and neither should your precious child be! He or she is counting on you to keep it together for a good few years, then once school rolls round, realize you’re off duty as much as you’re on..and they may even sleep through the night by then! Good luck and dream locally and glow-bally that every child really is safey Every Day of the Year!

Feel free to add some tips for caring for kids or yourself, nothing like trying something that’s worked for somebuddy else! How about singing your child’s name, makking up a song or story about what’s going on in your home or yard? Commenting on what a child is doing by telling not judging (I see you are coloring with purple in circles…oh. I might want to try that…Or finding some morning magic that may disappear when the sun’s up at the noonday spot in the sky…wet grass and leaves for animals to lick, sticks that look like the letter Y, stones, little bugs and critters or birds, special sounds like birdsong, wind blowing..).

Going outdoors in the am and again in the afternoon and then evening can help give a sense of balance and ‘breathing’ through the day…taking in fresh air and new views, even if one is ‘home all day with a little one’. Nice to have a lot of little meals for hungry little tummies. Sometimes food digest best when Not mixed…proteins in one meal, carbs in another, milk separate to not curdle with a meal, juices watered down so not too sugary.Little tricks like letting kids play with wet washcloths, help do the dishes (you can always wash them again), help cook with their own bowl to mix stuff in (even old foods or potions with safe liquids). What’s one of your little tricks to get through the day? Why not post a list on the fridge to do a new thing each week, maybe after breakfast or lunch?


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