Thanks for all who keep an eye on the Details..for ‘an array of musings and serious issues all young women and the rest of US should know and live in light of, tune into and add your voice about what choice you would make (about anything…schools, friends, fair relationships and partings, access to children during marriage, divorce or post-divorce, and much more…)

Catherine Palmer Paton
5 min readOct 17, 2020

I hope to see a national website of common sense ways to PLAN for safety, success and shared good experiences at every stage of life..we don’t live in a vacuum yet we do need to ‘stay in our bubble to stay out of trouble’ at times..(yes, I made that up and you can use with permission for profit or free if sharing freely).

More words of wisdom and inspiration on that heronically (like heroically yet a more ‘lofty, birdseye view of our spiritual existence on the earth/heart plane…or if you’d prefer — male or female — you can live sheronically (and that can emphasize the Sharing aspect of life, and/or the nurturing, feminine side that births not only all babes on the planet but largely the world over, nurtures infants, little ones and others through the age groups.

Women are caretakers historically and we need to gentle transition with more accountability and support for others stepping into the role..Imagine if by some miracle/ scientific breakthrough men could incubate babies as pregnant women do…would we just ‘hook ’em up and let ’em loose’..It’s taken women a long time to catch up with much of what was historically a ‘male-dominated society in business and medicine and labor-based jobs’…the point is to tune into all aspects of what a role or job (paid or unpaid) requires and aspire to do it well whatever one’s gender.

As we tune into the practical ways women and children are still ‘under the iron thumb’ of patriarchal mandates and barely given permission to really call for help with assurance they will get a timely response, then we know ‘how far we have to go’. I was denied the use of a phone after making a call to the police (in our area you used to be able to call 824–2500 and talk things over..whereas IF you called 911 police Had to come..these little tips I learned over many years of study and such…).

Police Cannot Tell a Potential Abuser to Get a Screening or to see for the Bonus Materials by who is The Expert in our Country for US-All (and should be nominated for a Peace Prize please, if anyone wants to work on that with me..).

All people over 12 should look at this website and research ‘what can get you arrested or is criminal — even if you Don’t Get Right Response from the System…which is Often the Case. People want a victim not only to Understand what she’s suffering (or in the case, he or she, or yes, even some Men) are suffering. They want them to be Able and Willing to Report it clearly enough to get some immediate results to get the abuser put away for a few weeks or months. Will that really solve the problem? No, they get out, and often get off before they go in.

The victim then Really has to Pay The Price for Trying to stand up to their abuser..especially when she’s the lone voice crying out in the wilderness…not unlike the howl of a wolf in the takes a pack to get back at a bully..and in the end, the unbalanced bully can be tamed by being named and appropriately shamed (as in constructively criticized for not being able to acknowledge other people as worthy of respect and giving them safe boundaries and ways to address violations and shortcomings. )

In plain English, this means no silencing a person, no name-calling, put-downs, shaming or playing games of isolating someone socially, physically or ostracizing from groups (even clubs and such one would be a fit for..too many clubs have to have a recommendation and I for one feel this needs serious review not because certain people are not being let in but rather because the KARMA the members are incurring by excluding people( and yes, I have had that happen a number of times and Do Question WHY..and likely, it’s because I am seeking the Truth about Why People Exclude Others on many levels..looking at them as though they are from another country with nothing in common or even inVisible. Whereas people in Africa may say “Ubuntu’ — I see are part of my tribe as a way to say hello, we implicitly and explictly say “I don’t see you and I certainly don’t care about you.” without saying a word. I think most kids realize this is strange yet rather than discuss that, they have to get brainwashed and not question their parents or the status quo and basically ‘learn to do the same to stay in the game’. Thanks for considering these Weird , Strange Ideas..yet these may be things we all inherently feel and know. We haven’t considered perhaps that every group and school has a soul and therefore some karma says it’s nice to have some Options for how to play the game of L-IF-E.

There are no losers in terms of someone dying, but there is ‘coming up short, or having to pay back lessons if one does not want to learn them or really cannot find a way to ‘let go and let God, in terms of play with a sense of humility, forgiveness and asking forgiveness and making apologies and amends as appropriate.

The people who get arrested are perhaps the lucky ones IF they committed a crime and can ‘pay what they owe’ according to a society..but each nation and local area really needs to think through carefully what we need and want from each generation in terms of compliance and penalties…

Would We want to go to jail for not being able to make bail? would we want a racist society to lock us away due to profiling? if not, we need to make a little noise about these things, get organized and pass laws to protect all people fairly and really to educate and nurture them from their first years of life so every child and family (since kids don’t grow up alone hopefully, yet even that is a reality for thousands whether neglected or living on their own at earlier ages…). okay, must head off to work for a bit..and meanwhile had a lot of nice times with people in our community enjoying nature and howling to get a wolf’s attention..maybe we can try that again to get each other’s attention!

Note: Much of this was inspired by people discussing local politics regarding school matters, transparency in budgets and talks in meetings in the northwest corner of CT which likely are similar to what happens in many small towns and bigger ones too (on a much larger scale.) Thanks to Marshall Miles and and now Robin Hood Radio at 103.3 FM in Sharon CT.



Catherine Palmer Paton

Catherine Palmer Paton of CT is the mom of a heroic teen son Kaelan who passed saving his friends from dangerous water in 2009. Writing on also.