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Catherine Palmer Paton
4 min readJan 11, 2023

(Let’s Keep Good Things Growing in Our Communities, States and Countries in the 2020s and Bee-yond!) Free link to the game here!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall whether young or in Another Season of Life is a Great Time to Learn About and Play The Turtle Garden Permaculture Game (TGPG). Copyrighted by Catherine Palmer Paton https://livfully.org/wordpressblog/?p=2646… Happy Turtle-Gardening Every Season of Our Lives as a Team!

Thanks to all working along the lines of learning and sharing info…that’s part of Permaculture too and Growing Community!

I shared this game idea in The Shoppers Guide-Inc online of Great Barrington MA (a handy resource for more areas to emulate to stay connected along with online forums.)

In 2023 I will be giving free half-hour coaching sessions on the Turtle Garden Permaculture Game (TGPG) to the first six daycares, schools or colleges that request that in the MA/NY/ CT area or online if farther afield. Be in touch with me via my public FB pages Livfully and Catherine Palmer Paton (of CT.) TPGP is a Design Process game so worth looking over no matter what kind of project you’re working on!

Happy 2023! Let’s start our engines for a ride like none other thus far…one bit of turtle power at a time. By the way I’m friends with the fellow Jim who drew some of the Teenage turtlefolk (Ninja for instance)..talk about a small world and more Turtle Talk!

Think back over your lifetime and see what seeds have been growing when the world’s been doing its thing. I found some bulbs I meant to plant in my garden but they started to sprout up again so they’re brightening the plant corner in our home…

Fun is all around (as was going for a search for some cash and finding a money order I hadn’t cashed even though I waited a few months for it to finally be delivered!

I had put it aside and thankfully it surfaced before anyone else cleaned out my car maybe without checking (or with checking and keeping the funds though it was made out to me specifically…a good tip in case you are making out a money order. It was also sent certified mail with a return receipt.

That was actually for funds I paid someone at someone’s insistence but I should have Simply Walked Away and Called A Friend to Get Support. It was only supposed to be for a few days but turned into a few weeks and then months, with lots of wrangling in between about How it could be repaid (not just directly handed over with a witness mind you…)

So “Be Prepared for Snaffews” whether among family, friends, co-workers, trustworthy or iffy people. Everything can become a ‘legal matter or involve police if someone does not want to communicate or have someone on their property can police give notice…although that may be a ‘gray area and worth checking for whichever state you live in.’

Expect the Unexpected is a term used by many and is the title of a book by Bill Phillips which is about ‘seeing beyond what’s here and now…’ So that’s another angle or angel to consider.

See other posts on Livfully.org for timely helpful ideas ‘from many realms and the new sense of quantum connections, how inner intentions can be playing out consciously or not so consciously as A Course In Miracles (ACIM) suggests.

If everyone can have support and agree to basic guidelines for communicating and ‘looking within’ with support such as in the book by Robert Wood, The No Loss Relationship, everyone may feel more supported in their journey of seeing ‘what’s what, who’s who’ and how to evolve with love and care, allow times of change or separation and stay strong and carry on…”

See the story The Turtle and The Acorn (which I’ll try to put in a current link on Livfully.org or on livfully.wordpressblog.com which has the same earlier posts but not in chronological order and not the more recent ones from 2020 on…yet!

Also The Jewel Story is an audio of about a half hour and can inspire more people to ‘tell a story based on childhood adventures, make-believe or allowing a story to emerge as it will’. Both are free online and by me, Catherine Palmer Paton of CT in the USA.

Try to turn on a recording device (on an iPhone or Android for instance or even a simple tape recorder) to recap easily whether songs, stories, info or ideas or even conversations on the phone (on speaker) with loved ones to have their voice.

Be clear about the cost of buying extra storage for an iPhone on the cloud or google photos account and whether that is monthly or over a year to keep track of recordings.

Then find out ways to download those on a hard drive (and I’m still learning how to do that but thankfully had someone help me in advance so have some on DVDs. and emails on a thumb drive.)

Call on one phone and record on another with their permission of course! Always double check whether recording someone without their permission or notice (such as on a security camera) is permissible, especially if there are conflicts or legal matters. It can be helpful but also it can be required to submit those as evidence possibly.

So be aware of how one is living and what one might not even know about. That’s important as one gets on in years or is trying to secure one’s assets. See more on Livfully.org on a post from 12/20/22 about The Turtle Garden Permaculture Game for the rest of this article…and Happy Designing and Implementing With Support and Sharing in All Parts of Your Life Journey!



Catherine Palmer Paton

Catherine Palmer Paton of CT is the mom of a heroic teen son Kaelan who passed saving his friends from dangerous water in 2009. Writing on Livfully.org also.